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EAGER to Learn

The Eager to Learn program was designed to give students access to the absolute best SAT and ACT prep. In 2022, we expanded the program to include funding for organizations working with individuals interested in alternative career pathways and job skills development. Organizations should be innovative and flexible in helping students and individuals to understand their options for a bright future.

For SAT/ACT programs, we will support organizations and schools implementing small-group test preparation sessions that enable students to achieve optimum outcomes and get the attention and answers they deserve. SAT and ACT programs should consist of groups of no more than fifteen at a time but as close to one-on-one as possible. We believe intensive programs are necessary to raise college entrance exam scores. We want to support and encourage the counseling and mentoring process required to navigate college entrance exams and beyond. Funds can also be used for intensive college counseling, application sessions, and FASFA assistance.

For career pathways programs, our goal is to provide the funds necessary to bring the best career readiness counselors, programs, materials, and environments to individuals who would otherwise struggle to navigate and be successful in their chosen career path or who struggle to understand their options. We want to eliminate the affordability factor for individuals where proper guidance is always a barrier to achieving goals.

If you have an existing program or are interested in designing a program like either of these for your organization, please submit a grant request using the link below.

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