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Funding Priorities

The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation is a Charitable Foundation based in West Palm Beach, FL, that funds charitable projects and programs in Florida, New York, Connecticut, and Washington, D.C. We fund three of our own programs that support arts in education, writing programs, and SAT/ACT and Trade School assistance.

General Grants

Our Letter of Inquiry form is the first step in the general grant process. The letter of inquiry should be used for projects that fall outside our three programs' scope. Some additional areas of focus for our Foundation include:

  • Support for Visual and Performing Arts Organizations

  • Veterans Initiatives

  • Environmental Ingenuity

  • Medical Research

P/Arts Program

P/Arts stands for Philanthropic Arts and is our Foundation’s own initiative launched in 2019 to help catalyze non-profit, tax-exempt public charities, accredited schools and universities, and government or public agencies to implement or enhance programs utilizing art and art education in daily curricula and early childhood education to assist student development and lessen the achievement gap.

New ERA Writing Program

The New Era Writers Program aims to inspire those seeking to improve their abilities or find a community with like-minded individuals and writers. We want to provide support and resources to writers and writing programs to help amplify their voices and improve their capabilities. Our Foundation believes that being an effective writer and communicator is one of the most important life skills. We support programs that equip budding writers with higher levels of training to support writers as they pursue a career and love of writing.

EAGER to Learn

The Eager to Learn program was designed to give students access to the best SAT and ACT prep and materials. In 2022, we expanded the program to include funding for organizations working with individuals interested in alternative career paths and job skills development. Organizations should be innovative and flexible in helping students and individuals to understand their options for a bright future.

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