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Annual Reporting Information

Please refer to the information below regarding your organization's annual grant report as well as information regarding photo submissions.

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting your organization's annual report.

When are they due? Annual reports are due within one year from the date the award letter or wire transfer was sent.

Multi-Year Award Reports: Annual Reports are still required regardless of whether the multi-year award has been paid in full. A final report is due one year from the date the final grant payment has been made and should include information about the impact of the entire multi-year award.

What if I haven't submitted a grant report but need additional funding? Our Foundation's strict policy is not to review or award subsequent grant requests unless a grant report covering the prior award has been submitted.

What if my organization requested an extension? If your organization submitted a request for a time extension and it was approved in writing, then your extension is per that request and approval. Please include information regarding the extension in your report.

We want to see your photos!


  1. Use the appropriate link below to submit any relevant photos for the grant funds you are reporting on. 

  2. Do not submit general photos unrelated to our grant—the photos should be of programs, projects, and/or visual reporting on what we funded. Once you click on the link, there is an "add photos" button at the top right of the screen.

  3. Very Important: Use the comment feature on each photo to tell us the name of the reporting organization; otherwise, we will not know who submitted the photos. Please only comment with the name of the organization and nothing else. At the end of the grant reporting year, we create a photo book of all grantee photos for the Board and Staff to see. The book unveiling is our favorite time of year. Thank you so much for your help with this.


2019 Photos
2020 Photos
2021 Photos
2022 Photos
2023 Photos
2024 Photos

If you received a grant in the past and want to show off those photos, please feel free to use the appropriate link to submit photos from past grants awarded by our Foundation.

To send photos directly, you can e-mail, although we prefer to have them uploaded. 

Do not e-mail photos if they have been successfully uploaded to Google, and please do not send them to both e-mails and upload them—one or the other—as this can become very confusing. 

Also, since you can see that the photos were uploaded successfully, there is no need to confirm with us that you did.

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